No More Worry About Where Your Next Customers Are Coming From!

Hi there, Elaine Sanderson here. Our simple aim is to get your business quality leads/enquiries and to keep a constant flow of customers through your business. Then, the next goal is to convert them into repeat customers who come back again and again and buy more off you and increase your revenue..We specialise in the Chiropractor and Dentists niches but the same principles we use can work for any business..


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There are FREE WAYS and PAID WAYS  to get your business seen and noticed online and needless to say the free ways take longer to get noticed and are more time consuming for you. The paid ways are super quick and effective only if done right!

Free Way – In The Natural Organic Search Results

Most business owners and entrepreneurs build a website without much knowledge of how to tick all of Google’s boxes when it comes to getting seen online. Google actually rewards businesses which make the effort and performs certain key tasks on their sites. We see so many good-looking websites that are really poorly designed and optimised.

When we critique their websites, business owners are quite shocked when they see how easy it is to perform these corrections on their websites and thereafter get it ranked in Google. Getting ranked organically is not always as hard as you think – it’s just putting in a little bit of time and effort to find out how and we can help you with that.

Free Way – In The Google 3-Pack

This is a free tool given to all business owners and available for them to claim and with 5 Simple Steps your business can show up in the top 3 business results in the Google search results quickly?

Most business owners do not know the tricks of getting in the 3 Pack or are blissfully unaware there are any tricks of getting on the first page of Google or they simply lack the time and want to find out.

If you are one of those business owners who have a desire to succeed and get your business flourishing, these 5 Steps are the key to your goldmine. You can download a free Ebook to give you the flavour CLICK HERE to access

Paid Way – Facebook Ads

We use quite a VERY targeted, effective and unorthodox way of getting leads and enquiries into your business and we achieve great costs per leads and cost per conversions. We collect all your potential customers email addresses and telephone numbers so we can then market to them again and again with email or Messenger bots, messages straight to their phones where the open rates reach 95%!!

We even give you your very own App on your phone where you can manage your leads coming in from the palm of your hand. You can text, phone and get reminders to contact them all from your phone. If you are a bigger business, you can even track your sales force and how well they are doing with their leads. Everything is accountable.


Ranking Online

We provide affordable online training sessions on the 5 steps you need to take to get your business ranked on the first page of Google and get seen online. To get a flavour of the training please download our free e-Guide giving you valuable information. You will need to click the link below to access the FREE GUIDE.

Website Critique

We provide a 5 minute critique of your website to show you where things can be massively improved when it comes to getting ranked and any obvious mistakes you are making that are affecting your rankings. We also provide an overview of various marketing strategies you could implement on your site to attract more enquiries and keep visitors on your site for longer.

Keyword Research

We see so many businesses that just get keyword research so wrong or don’t bother with it all. What they don’t understand is that it really affects your ranking on Google so we work with you to understand what keywords will get you ranked and help you implement them on your website and other online areas to get your website ranked.

Local SEO

This might sound really techie, Local Search Engine Optimisation, but in fact a lot of it is common sense when you know how and we explain it to you. Often business owners and entrepreneurs chuck a website out online, throw some stock photos on there and sit back and wait to see it get ranked in the search engines. They are surprised then when there is not a trace of them to be seen.

If you are guilty of that, the good news if that with a handful of tweaks, youcan get seen online. Some errors are so quick and easy to fix but there are other longer term strategies that you can use as well.

We help with your title tags, content, menus, linking, optimisation of photos as well advise what other crucial “things” you need on your site for Google to sit up and take notice.


Why Should You Listen To Us

The simple answer is that when you see what we have to say that will help you massively with your online ranking, your jaw will drop and you will have those ahhhhh moments.
We are passionate about what we do and helping either through our online training sessions or 1 to 1 or Done For Service. We find it actually upsetting to see so many websites thrown out there in ignorance and no thought to even trying to get ranked in Google and if business owners are going against Google’s grain it is like flogging a dead horse when it comes to getting ranked.

We care and we take the time to get you results. Just check out our testimonials.