If you are looking to get seen way more online in Google and the search results, come to us..

We provide businesses and entrepreneurs advice, training and guidance on how to rank in Google and the search engines and get your business seen online in the quickest and easiest possible ways.

Business online marketing is a tough nut to crack if you are also trying to run your business and be the master of everything, so we provide very affordable online training in bite-size chunks for you OR a done for you service.. (see services below).

The Founder

Elaine Sanderson, the founder of Zing Lead Agency & Google First Page Mastery is an online expert, author, and speaker at business events. Having started from scratch, grown and developed 3 highly successful businesses over the past 18 years, she has mastered the techniques of getting seen online and now, our team assists businesses all over the world achieve 1st-page results.

Shocking news but NEARLY ALL your customers find you online now via Social Media or search engines. Everyone is on Facebook and Social Media now so this is one of the best platforms to get seen quickly.

When it comes to Google, a whopping 95% only bother looking at 1st page results in Google so in our opinion, this is one of the most powerful online marketing tool you have to get working for you to get good quality customers into your business.

We help ambitious companies wanting to grow and develop and achieve what they deserve. We help businesses get ranked above their competition and get higher prices for their products and services.

Ranking Online

We provide affordable online training sessions on the 5 steps you need to take to get your business ranked on the first page of Google and get seen online. To get a flavour of the training please download our free e-book giving you valuable information.

Website Critique

We provide a 5 minute critique of your website to show you where things can be massively improved when it comes to getting ranked and any obvious mistakes you are making that are affecting your rankings. We also provide an overview of various marketing strategies you could implement on your site to attract more enquiries and keep visitors on your site for longer.

Facebook Advertising

This has to be one of most powerful and quickest ways to get your business seen online and get quality paying customers through your door. Using quite unorthodox ways, we get you very targeted customers through your door and also provide ways of interacting with them again and again via Messenger and Email.

Local SEO

This might sound really techie, Local Search Engine Optimisation, but in fact a lot of it is common sense when you know how and we explain it in simple language to you. Often business owners and entrepreneurs chuck a website out online, throw some stock photos on there and sit back and wait to see it get ranked in the search engines. They are surprised then when there is not a trace of them to be seen.

If you are guilty of that, the good news if that with a handful of tweaks, you can get seen online. Some errors are so quick and easy to fix but there are other longer term strategies that you can use as well.

We help with your title tags, content, menus, linking, optimisation of photos as well advise what other crucial “things” you need on your site for Google to sit up and take notice.

We are passionate about what we do and have helped businesses all over he world achieve 1st page results. Let us help you too. Local business online marketing and getting ranked in Google in the organic listings as well as in the Google Three Pack are, in our opinion, way more effective for any business than Social Media marketing. So, spend the time getting this right first as most of searchers for your products and services look to find you on Google and 95% of them only consider first page results..