5 steps to getting your business ranked on the first page of Google

Google First Page Mastery Course

Do you want to start getting more high quality customers into your business? Do you want more leads, more traffic and more phone calls and far out beat your competition.  Do you want to charge more for your products and services at the price points you deserve?

Well without a shadow of a doubt, the best place to start is getting ranked in Google as that is where all your searchers for your business go to find you out.

This course is definitely your answer if you answered yes to all those questions above.. In 5 Steps, I will teach you how to get your online presence out there online big time and quickly by using the completely free tool that Google gives us. Most business owners are not even aware of this free tool and if they do know about it, nine times out of ten they are not using it properly to get the best results.

The Beginners Guide To Launching Your Successful Home Based Business in 28 Days

Do you feel ready to be your own boss, earn enough to retire on, supplement your pension? In this 28 Day course, I hold your hand and take you through every step of the way how to define what you are going to sell (not necessarily your own products), how to test the market, how to set the whole system up online and how to make the sales you need.

Finding Your Niche Guide

If you currently own a business (local or online) and you are just not getting the right types of clients or are getting a poor level of enquiries, have you ever asked yourself the question – “Am I trying to offer too much to too many people?”

This is a big failing of many companies as they do not come across as a specialist and with so much competition out there these days where clients can pick and choose, they would rather choose a specialist.

This online course, with real examples, makes you question your own business and if you are guilty of not “niching down”. It also teaches you how to take the steps to niche down for way bigger profits